SSL X-Limit

SSL X-Limit, Limiter Plug-In (download), Versatile and musical limiter for effectively increasing the loudness of track or bus signals while maintaining tonal balance and avoiding clipping and other unwanted effects, Easy operation via all-in-one visualisation with integrated sliders for threshold and ceiling, True-peak mode for limiting intersample peaks and displaying instantaneous and maximum true-peak values, Compliant with ITU-R B.S. 1770 and Apple 'afclip' true peak detection, Four limiter characteristics Transparent, Glue, Punch and Auto allow the realisation of different tonal ideas, In Auto mode, the ballistics of the limiter are automatically adapted to the signal transients, Auto release function for adapting the release times to the sound material, Sophisticated fade-in lookahead algorithm for smooth interception of transients, Adjustable Channel Link fades between stereo or independent left/right limiting, Minimise stereo image degradation with the help of steering and ducking indicators, Gain Match allows control of limiter effectiveness without psychoacoustic effects from level increase, Gain Lock fixes the current level, To test different presets and styles under the same conditions, Mix control allows parallel processing

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